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One Last Kooky Conspiracy Theory About Barack Obama

It’s just four days before Election Day, and with Halloween tonight, a weekend, and a large number of early voters already having cast their ballots, there isn’t much chance that anything that happens now will have a big impact on the outcome of the Presidential election. Still, McCain die hards aren’t about to let a little thing like reality stand in their way. They’re coming back with one more kooky conspiracy theory about Barack Obama, and hoping that it will allow John McCain to win against all odds.

They’re saying that Barack Obama is not really Barack Obama.

No kidding. A guy by the name of Andy Martin has convinced himself that Barack Obama is not really the son of the man he has said is his father. Mr. Martin says that there is a secret birth certificate that proves that Barack Obama is the son of a man named Frank Marshall Davis. Martin even calls Barack Obama by the long name of Barack Frank Marshall Davis Obama.

Has Martin seen the supposed secret birth certificate himself? Well, no, but that’s what convinces him that it exists. That’s conspiracy theory logic for you.

To wrap it all up with a neat little conspiratorial bow, Martin says that when Obama went to visit his grandmother in the hospital earlier this month, it wasn’t because his grandmother was gravely ill, as the Obama campaign had claimed. It was because Martin was close to obtaining proof of the false father scandal of the Obama family.

Barack Obama’s grandmother was the only person who knew the truth about his real father – the only person left alive – or so says Andy Martin. Martin says that he was just about to talk to Obama’s grandmother, and break the whole story open wide, when Obama, seeing the threat, flew to Hawaii to stop his grandmother from talking.

Well, now you’ve heard the story. Let’s suppose for a moment that it’s true. Would it stop you from voting for Obama?

4 thoughts on “One Last Kooky Conspiracy Theory About Barack Obama”

  1. a says:

    Tell your friends, and show them the proof.

    Adolf Hitler was well-known to have used hypnosis on crowds to gain power in Germany. (Just Google it if you doubt it.) So why cant this happen in America? It is happening.

    Now, this document, An Examination of Obama’s Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in His Speeches is really spreading. Many people, including young people, are starting to wake up.

    Young people have come up with a saying, “Don’t drink the kool-aid Obama is pushing on you.”

    Obama has no accomplishments, we don’t know him, he wrote a memoir, he has racist connections, and he is using hypnosis, he thinks he’s the Messiah and that he should be in control of the world. We’ve seen this story before in Germany in the 1930’s, haven’t we? We know what happened there.

    Obama’s use of hypnosis in speeches is why:
    -nothing sticks to him
    -the huge crowds
    -the huge money contributions
    -the mesmerized effect, especially in young people, who, because of their imaginations are more susceptible to hypnosis (read the document)
    -the exorbitant election fraud, rule-breaking and bias in the media
    -he gets away with changing every position
    -people are calling him the “greatest leader of a generation” with no accomplishments

    You have to read this document to understand how his hypnosis works. Logically and rationally, why not get to know this guy a little more before handing the world over to him? Why not wait?

    An Examination of Obama’s use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in His Speeches can be found at

    PS – “Dont drink Obama’s Kool-Aid”

  2. Jim says:

    “Close to obtaining proof”… well, aren’t we all? I’m this close to obtaining proof that I have a second brain in my pinky. I don’t have it yet, but I’m this close to getting it.

    It’s kind of like “Hidden Hypnosis Techniques”… see, that’s the dastardliest part of it, that Barack Obama has been so effective in his Hypnosis Technique because he’s able to hide it!

    I’m on to you, a, you, you with your repeated repetitious rhythmic command that I “read the document”… “read this document.” Just like telling me I’ll understand everything if I only look at the dangling watch! Don’t look at a’s document, friends: he’ll hypnotize you, two days before election day! Run away! Run away!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Obama’s Aunt

    “Family matter,” my foot.

    By the way: Where in the world is Aunti Zeituni? Who knows? And if it wasn’t Barack Obama who helped her get here, who did? How did she get a Social Security card? Who advised her to apply for public housing? Who did she know with a saavy enough legal background to help her navigate the paperwork of the welfare state?


  4. Laura says:

    Do you morons not hear yourselves? To sum it all up, you’re saying: Obama is Jim Jones, Stalin, Hitler, AND the anti-Christ all rolled into one. If he’s elected Armageddon will ensue (or will it begin on inauguration day?), and life as we know it will be destroyed to ashes?

    The only thing going on is that you fools have bought into the neo-cons fear tactics hook, line, and sinker.

    Has Obama been nominated for sainthood? Not the last time I checked. He’s a human being (contrary to some opinions) and a politician. That means I’m not always going to agree with him on all issues 100%. He is not perfect or without fault, just the same as McCain and well as the rest of the world. While I am a strong Obama supporter, I have not drunk any Kool-Aid. You fools though have let your irrational fears hypnotize YOU!

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