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Virgin Mary Apparition Sales A Victim of Bad Economy!

Forget the stock market. Let’s look at some more reliable economic indicators. Let’s look at the sales figures for Virgin Mary apparitions.

Times are hard for the hawkers of spontaneous Catholic relics. It wasn’t too long ago that the image resembling the Virgin Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich sold for 28,000 dollars. No more.

seashell that looks like the virgin maryOver 2,800 people have been to EBay to take a look at an oyster shell that believers say looks like Virgin Mary. So far, however, the highest bid is only 43 dollars.

It seems that a miracle just isn’t worth as much as it used to be.

Traditional theology holds that divine truth is constant, but the waning price of these found Virgin Marys suggests that miracles from God have a changing value that is subject to the whims of market forces.

I’m off to Kmart. I hear that the Holy Ghost is on sale for just 36 dollars on a Blue Light Special.

One thought on “Virgin Mary Apparition Sales A Victim of Bad Economy!”

  1. Mary says:

    I don’t want to sell this.

    The image of Mary appeared in a lava lamp and froze.

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