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Condoleeza Rice To Nudge For Peace Again

Agence France-Presse gave a curious headline yesterday: Rice to make yet another push for peace in Middle East. Rice, in their article, is not the wetland grain, but rather Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

When I read that headline, I thought about it for a minute. I concentrated. I tried to remember – when exactly was it that Condoleeza has pushed for peace in the Middle East?

The article referred to the Road Map To Peace, organized in 2003, before Rice was Secretary of State, and also another meeting last year, in Annapolis, Maryland, in which Middle East leaders met with Rice and talked some more about the Road Map. How far along that Road Map have governments in the Middle East actually gone? Maybe an inch.

It doesn’t look as if Condoleeza Rice has really pushed for peace. It’s more like a nudge. So, I’d like to see the AFP revise their headline: Rice to make yet another nudge for peace in Middle East.

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