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Who's Elitist? Franklin County GOP Shields Mitt Romney from Citizen Questions (not TV outlets)

As I was waiting for today’s advertised “Rally With Romney” for the McCain-Palin ticket at the Franklin County GOP Victory Center in downtown Columbus, Ohio, I was approached by a man who identified himself as a Republican Party staffer. After shaking my hand, he pointed at the voice recorder I had in my hand and asked me, “Are you with a news organization?” When I responded that I was not, he asked me who I was, where I was from and who I was with. After I told him I was a citizen who wanted to record Mitt Romney’s speech, he looked me coldly in the eye and said, “you should know that Governor Romney is not going to be taking questions.” I nodded my head and he walked away.

Minutes later, after some TV news cameraman bumped me to one side and stuck his video camera up a few inches in front of my face, the very same Republican Party staffer sauntered over to him and his reporter companion, welcoming them warmly. The staffer explaining that Mitt Romney would be available for 1-on-1 questions after his speech, and that other news crews had arrived first, so they would have to be third in line.

How very folksy, of the people and anti-elitist! Hey, do you think the Republicans would have let me ask a question if I’d brought a plumber’s wrench? Maybe a six-pack?

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