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Corporate Blogger Tells Non-Corporate Bloggers to Give Up, Go Home and Leave the Field to the Corporations

A fair condensation of Paul Boutin’s “friendly advice” in his latest Wired column:

1. If you’re a non-corporate person thinking about launching a blog, don’t.
2. If you’re a non-corporate person who has a blog, abandon it.
3. After all, media corporations are dominating the blogs now,
4. And you can’t hope to compete with them.
5. Resistance is futile.
6. Writing is hard.
7. So don’t you worry your little non-corporate human head none. Run along to twitter and send your pals 140-character messages instead.

Hmmm. How odd that someone would take the time to write a online column filled with text in order to make the point that “text-based Web sites aren’t where the buzz is anymore.” And how odd that the person making this recommendation is currently a blogger. Not just a blogger, but a professional blogger. Not just a professional blogger, but a professional blogger on the staff of… yes, a big media corporation.

A corporate blogger telling non-corporate bloggers to get out of his way? How very expected. A little bird is telling me not to follow Boutin’s “friendly advice.”

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