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GOP Economics in a McCain Nutshell

Are you still an undecided voter? Let me help you make your decision, then, with a sad insight into the real economics of the McCain-Palin campaign.

John McCain has wanted to create the impression that he enjoys a groundswell of popular support, which is typical for a politician. However, in creating this impression, McCain first needed to deal with a problem: He doesn’t enjoy a groundswell of popular support. Details.

What did McCain do to deal with this problem? He hired people onto his staff to deal with voters, but forced them to sign contracts agreeing that they would tell voters that they were volunteers who were working for McCain for free because they loved John McCain and his agenda for America.

Here’s the point where it fell apart: The McCain campaign then refused to pay its campaign workers for all of their labor. The campaign broke the contract in doing so, and so the workers came to the press with the truth about their status: They were expected to actually work as volunteers, even though they were told that they would be paid to pretend to be volunteers.

The truth about their status reveals a greater truth about all our economic status under the vision of George W. Bush and John McCain: Lots of funny money changes hands among the insiders to create a false vision, with a lot of happy talk about how wonderful things are. When it comes time for us to claim what we’ve been promised, however, the GOP economy comes up short, and expects us to regard the illusion as reality.

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