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Non-Presidential Elections To Pay Attention To

Reminder: Today is not just a presidential election day. There are a lot of other items on the ballot as well. I suggest that you find the web site of your county’s board of elections and look at a sample copy of the ballot – if they have one online. Settle any questions about what the elections mean and who you ought to vote for before you go – not in the voting booth.

U.S. House elections are held today all across America, with U.S. Senate races in most sates too. Here are a few that I’ll be paying attention to:

– The Elizabeth Dole religious hatefest versus Kay Hagan in North Carolina
– Michele Bachmann in Minnesota. How low can she go?
– Dan Lungren versus Bill Durston in California… and two other candidates. Will the vote split be significant?
– Dan Maffei versus Sweetwater, I mean Sweetland, in a long Republican holdout that ought to turn blue, in Upstate New York
– Michael Arcuri, disappointing Democrat versus right wing robocaller Richard Hanna, the next district over

What are some of the congressional races you’ll be paying attention to tonight?

One thought on “Non-Presidential Elections To Pay Attention To”

  1. Tom says:

    i want to see Cindy Sheehan put Nancy Pelosi out of a job.

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