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Non-Presidential Elections To Pay Attention To

Reminder: Today is not just a presidential election day. There are a lot of other items on the ballot as well. I suggest that you find the web site of your county’s board of elections and look at a sample copy of the ballot – if they have one online. Settle any questions about what the elections mean and who you ought to vote for before you go – not in the voting booth.

U.S. House elections are held today all across America, with U.S. Senate races in most sates too. Here are a few that I’ll be paying attention to:

– The Elizabeth Dole religious hatefest versus Kay Hagan in North Carolina
– Michele Bachmann in Minnesota. How low can she go?
– Dan Lungren versus Bill Durston in California… and two other candidates. Will the vote split be significant?
– Dan Maffei versus Sweetwater, I mean Sweetland, in a long Republican holdout that ought to turn blue, in Upstate New York
– Michael Arcuri, disappointing Democrat versus right wing robocaller Richard Hanna, the next district over

What are some of the congressional races you’ll be paying attention to tonight?

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