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Sour Notes For Congress On A Sweet Day

Barack Obama was elected President! Yeah! Oh, and there was this other branch of government too. Did it have elections too?

Yes, there were congressional elections too.

The good:

Elizabeth Dole lost to Kay Hagan.
Dan Maffei beat Dale Sweetland.
Eric Massa kicked Randy Kuhl out of the House.
Chris Shays has left the building.
Marilyn Musgrave is finally out of the House of Representatives.

The not so good:

– Ted Stevens actually won re-election in Alaska
– Mean Jean Schmidt defeated challenger Vic Wulsin in Ohio’s 2nd district, where they just love to hate.
– Kooky, spooky Michele Bachmann will be going back to the House, where she can launch that investigation into which members of Congress are anti-American.
– Down in Georgia, extremist Paul Broun is coming around for another term in office, so that he can offer more constitutional amendments to shut down liberty for everyone but people like himself.

Yesterday was not a revolution for America. It was an evolution.

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