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Video of Columbus, OH Post-Election Demonstration, Nov. 5 2008

A new group here in Ohio called Columbus for Peace (no website yet, though I understand there will be one soon) called for people to come to the corner of Broad and High streets at 10:00 AM to demonstrate for peace and the American Constitution today, no matter who was elected president. The idea was that no matter who ends up in charge, citizens must demand the kind of change they believe in to see it come to pass in government.

Here’s video I took of the event:

It was really a different experience than I expected. A handful of people showed up and, rather than engage in marching or chanting, started up conversations with each other and passersby as they held declarative signs. It was, for a political demonstration, a very gentle affair, and I mean that in a good way. Talk started off talking about yesterday’s Obama election and moved on to the consideration of policy imperatives and the means for getting the imperatives fulfilled in practice. It was the kind of civil discourse that you hear talk radio hosts praise just before launch into a jeremiad about who is and who isn’t a secret communist donut-abducting Frenchie.

I get the feeling that there’s a lot of this kind of talk going on in public and private spaces today. What have you been talking about?

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