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Why Am I Hawking This Obama T-Shirt by CNN?

It’s not because I’m making any money off of it. I won’t see a cent. A CNN representative asked me if I’d feature it on our website, and I agreed for one reason… because all shirts on which this design is sold are made by American Apparel, so you know that the shirts are sweatshop-free. CNN should be commended for making that choice. So, hey, if you like the shirt, go right ahead and buy it.

(If you want an Obama Victory shirt that doesn’t advertise for CNN, head over here.)

2 thoughts on “Why Am I Hawking This Obama T-Shirt by CNN?”

  1. Mark says:

    What’s interesting is that CNN fully endorsed Hillary and used near-FOX tactics to bring Obama down during the democratic primaries.

    Anyway, please check out some of the coolest Obama t-shirts here: One of them is an incredible PRESIDENT Obama t-shirt

  2. Fruktata says:

    American Apparel shirts. Cool.

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