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Rahm Emanuel

It looks like Rahm Emanuel is being offered the position of Chief of Staff for Barack Obama. I’m torn between two reactions:

1. Rahm Emanuel has a record, as chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, of engaging in top-down machiavellian politics to thwart local candidates by introducing his “recruits”, and pumping in DCCC national support to those politicians, who have tended to be less progressive than the Democrats Emanuel has defeated. The choice of Emanuel by Obama signals that President Obama intends to disregard progressive interests in order to maintain his hold on power.
2. Perhaps the Chief of Staff, as an organizational leader, can be machiavellian without negatively affecting progressive policies.

Your reaction?

One thought on “Rahm Emanuel”

  1. Jim says:

    I find it to be of great concern that Rahm Emanuel was a gung-ho NAFTA supporter, prioritizes partisan victory over progressive idealism, and still hasn’t recognized that he was wrong to oppose and mock the 50 State Strategy that has so clearly succeeded.

    My first consolation is that in his capacity as White House Chief of Staff, it would not be Emanuel’s job to formulate policy. My second consolation is that it would get him and his brand of poison out of the House leadership.

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