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Strategic Third Party Vote Didn't Work in New York

Back on Monday, I wrote to explain why I wouldn’t be voting for Barack Obama. I was making a strategic effort to maximize the power of my vote. Given that Barack Obama would certainly win New York’s Electoral College votes, I didn’t want my vote to be counted as just another me too.

So, I decided to vote for Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney. You see, in New York state, when a statewide candidate gets a certain number of votes, that candidate’s political party qualifies for an automatic place on the ballot. I hoped to help make that happen for the Green Party in New York with a vote for McKinney, so as to strengthen the pressure from the left on the Democratic Party.

It didn’t work out as I had hoped. Cynthia McKinney didn’t get anything close to the number of votes that she would have needed to propel the Green Party to an automatic ballot position. McKinney got only 11,964 votes in New York. The blame can’t be laid at the larger progressive insurgent campaign, either. Ralph Nader got just 37,952 votes.

It seems that the Green Party is growing weaker over time, not stronger, and my vote didn’t make much difference in that trend.

3 thoughts on “Strategic Third Party Vote Didn't Work in New York”

  1. tom says:

    From the ashes they may rise as Obama hopefully heads the country in that direction. We need to get off of oil, start investing and building the infrastructure to provide renewable energy, green jobs, and the workers to install, maintain, design, build and steadily improve the technology. It will create jobs, put people back to work and reduce our dependence on oil.

    Then we’ll tackle health care.

  2. will shetterly says:

    Under the Electoral College, parties that don’t win major victories within a few years tend to wither away.

    1. Truman says:

      The Electoral College is just a national thing, though, Will. There are also state and local elections to consider.

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