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Will Obama Cut Military Waste?

Hey, superpatriots, don’t get your lapel pins in a stew. I’m talking about waste, not veteran health care benefits, okay?

I’m talking about the plan to purchase extra F-22 Raptor fighter aircraft in order to throw some pork barrel the way of defense contractor Lockheed Martin.

“The issue is urgent because Lockheed’s production of the top-of-the-line, radar-evading aircraft must start shutting down in 2009 unless Obama decides to buy another batch,” writes Reuters.

Urgent? So what if Lockheed Martin’s production of the aircraft starts shutting down? I mean, if the U.S. government doesn’t need the F-22 Raptors, it doesn’t need them. What’s good for Lockheed Martin is not the same thing as what’s good for the country.

George W. Bush’s own Secretary of Defense argues that the aircraft are no longer relevant to current U.S. military need – and he’s got a really good point.

These aircraft cost $143,000,000 each. Given the huge budget deficit and the need to redirect spending to where it will actually improve America’s economic infrastructure, like in renewable, clean sources of energy, I’d say that the F-22 Raptor should be the first to go, and the entire military budget for spending on non-human resources ought to go under review.

4 thoughts on “Will Obama Cut Military Waste?”

  1. HareTrinity says:

    Speaking of military waste, I know that this site focuses mainly on US matters, but I am surprised that there’s been no recent mention of Congo.

    Children as young as 4 are being kidnapped at gunpoint to serve in the military there, and can be on the front line at ages 13-14.

    It’s complicated more by Europe and the US not being sure if they should get involved, but still.

  2. Damen says:

    Let’s also not forget about the Navy’s development of the DD(X)/DDG-1000 program, the Zumwalt-class destroyers and the CG(X) development program. Each of these new ships are projected to cost around 3.2 billion dollars with around 3 destroyers planned for construction and upwards of 17 CG(X) cruisers. What the hell is wrong with the Ticonderoga-class cruisers and Arleigh Burke-class destroyers we already have?

    Tell me, what could we do with the 163.2 billion dollars these ships will be costing us?

  3. tom says:

    As usual, the military is out of touch. What the world wants from Obama is leadership toward peace. He has a perfect opportunity here to begin by talking to Putin about getting rid of the THOUSANDS of nukes we have lying around (and have to constantly maintain), the rusting warships sitting in drydocks all over the place and all the military hardware that isn’t used and isn’t needed. If we promote peace there won’t be any need for a bloated military – they should be reassigned to help with disasters and when other countries call on the WORLD community to help in their internal disputes (like Darfur and many of the other African hotspots). No more “cops of the world” for us: let’s get on the road to planetary oneness. There’s so much to do that everyone not only can but must participate in order to stave off the worst of the coming climate change problems creeping up on us. You win more hearts and minds when you HELP.

  4. C.U. Soon says:

    Striving to live out our higher selves, rather than wallowing in our lower selves is a necessary antidote to violence, I try this every day. I’m with Tom, we are able to make a recovery by helping others and being, simply, kind but, there’s more. In the song of the late Utah Phillips, (Anarchy, The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere, Righteous Babe Records), as he is retelling us the advice given him by pacifist, Ammond Hennassey, founder of the Joe Hill House of Hospitality “It’s not just giving up knives, guns, clubs and angry words, it means giving up the weapons of privilege and going into world completely disarmed…try that!”

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