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I Want Obama to Tackle the Economy from the Side

“Obama to tackle economy head-on”, reads tonight’s BBC headline. Obama made the commitment today.

This is not a good idea. Someone needs to tell Barack Obama how big the economy is. Our annual gross domestic product is about 13 Trillion Dollars. A dollar weighs one gram, so this is a 13 Trillion Gram economy we’re talking about. That’s about 28.6 billion pounds. Obama is maybe 200 pounds, max. Here’s one tackle that isn’t going to be pretty.

The best kind of tackle in this case would be from the side, maybe with a handy rock to place in front of the economy’s toe so that the economy will trip and fall of its own weight.

2 thoughts on “I Want Obama to Tackle the Economy from the Side”

  1. rawdawgbuffalo says:

    regardless of what he has said, Obama has yet to deal with the structrual concerns of our economy, nor has Paulson or Bernake, we all just a Pay check away from a pink slip

  2. tom says:

    The economists advising Obama, Paul Volcker for example, are not of the “free market with no regulation” ideology (as far as their past records indicate). We have to invest in jobs and infrastructure to get the economy up and moving again. As of this passed Friday there were 10 million people out of work (and i don’t think they counted all the people who have given up looking).

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