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For Real Blueberry Magic, Eat Blueberries

Blueberry Magic Trick: Watch $27 disapppear for 2 fluid ounces.  Shazam!I can tell that progressive talk radio station WVKO is falling on hard times because it is replacing more and more of its programming with 30-minute infomercials. One of these infomercials promotes investment in gold. Another promotes a product called Blueberry Magic. Blueberry Magic is a very special preparation, you see, one that aids urinary tract health, increases cognitive capacity, prevents diabetes and even can keep you from going blind… or at least so say the hawkers of Blueberry Magic.

What exactly is Blueberry Magic? That’s hard to say. Depending on which part of the promotional literature you read, Blueberry Magic is either “100% blueberry”…

Blueberry Magic™ contains the whole blueberry fruit, including the skin, natural fibers, seeds and the juice. The berries are not treated with enzymes and are not subjected to high temperatures. The whole berries are simply crushed into a puree, dehydrated and ground into powder. The result is a very pure, potent product that is 100% blueberry.

… or blueberries mixed with other berries…

Blueberry Magic™ is a liquid concentrate formula, rich in antioxidants, derived from our proprietary mixture of berries: blueberry, bilberry and elderberry, plus pomegranates.

These statements both can’t be true. Regardless, Blueberry Magic appears to be dehydrated, ground, and rehydrated berries. The cost to you for 2 liquid ounces of reconstituted berries: $27. You could shell out $27 for a few dropperfuls of liquified berry. You could do that… or you could go to your grocery store and buy $27 worth of berries. I’m pretty sure that even in the winter, the latter gets you more berry for your buck. Magic!

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