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Protests TODAY Across California for Same-Sex Marriage Equality

From Queers United, a list of demonstrations happening today, Monday November 10th, to protest the cancellation of equal marriage rights in California.

4:30pm protest at Monterey County Courthouse
Corner of Church Street & West Alisal, Salinas

Palo Alto
5-6:30 pm at the corner of El Camino Real & Embarcadero

San Jose
5-6:30 pm at S. Bascom and Hamilton Ave. (just west of 17; south east corner)

San Jose Downtown
5-6:30pm downtown at the Metropolitan Community Church, 65 South 7th Street

San Mateo
5-6:30pm corner of El Camino Real and Fifth Avenue

5-6:30pm corner of El Camino Real and Ralston Avenue (on CalTrain side of street)

Redwood City
5-6:30 pm corner of El Camino and Jefferson Ave.

Protests for marriage equality show no signs of abating and will continue well past tomorrow… more on this later today.

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