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New RSS Feed of Progressive Activist Events

As we continue to ramp up our I Voted For You, But… project to collect Obama voters’ expressions of personal dissent and progressive activists’ plans for collective protest, we’ve taught ourselves how to write RSS feeds. As a result, we’re able to share with you a new RSS feed of progressive activist events. If you want to keep abreast of activist shenanigans around the country, put the feed on your feedreader. Better yet, if you’re a progressive blogger, you can take that feed and incorporate it into your own website. That way, your liberal-minded readers will know what’s going down, too. (You can see the RSS feed directly incorporated into this web page over on the right-hand side.)

If you are an organizer who has a progressive demonstration, rally or march coming up, click here to submit the information on your event for inclusion in the feed and in the searchable I Voted For You, But… event database.

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