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Is Obama a floating ship or dry land?

Robert Laity of western New York writes in with this essay on our president-elect:

Obama’s a derelict

Robert’s been a busy bee around the internet posting this observation.

Buffalo Topix:

Barack is a derelict and now he’s “Present” Obama.Armadinijahed Loves him.


Obama is a derelict who advocates letting survivors of the “Holocaust” of abortion die in the abortion clinic,on their own,without medical intervention.


Obama “honest”, no. Obama honorable,no. Obama a derelict,yes.

I’m trying to figure out what it could mean for Barack Obama to be a “derelict.” Is he a ship floating on the water, abandoned by his captain? Is he a spot of high land bereft of well water? Is he homeless?

I personally prefer the ship option, because it keeps open the possibility that Barack Obama might contain a bottle of rum, or perhaps some doubloons.

4 comments to Is Obama a floating ship or dry land?

  • dp

    He’s conflating derelict as a noun referring to the Skid Row type with derelict as a verb referring to neglect, as in derelict in duty. It’s an attempt to be clever by blurring distinctions between two meanings, so that both are applicable.

  • Jim

    No! He’s referring to an empty ship with rum and doubloons! And it’s all mine! Miiiiine!


    Yeah, you’re probably right. But Obama, Skid Row?

  • dp

    I’m sure there’s a floating hulk somewhere out there with a full store of rum, lots of oranges, and a fitted kitchen. But it’s not the one Laity thinks he’s spotted.

  • HareTrinity

    What’s with these Communist traitors? Don’t they know not to question the US President-to-be’s authority?

    Or does treating him like a god not start until Bush has stepped down from the throne?

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