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No Ocean Obama Yet

There’s a hole in the bottom of the sea – and in Barack Obama’s transitional agenda. Search Barack Obama’s official government site as President Elect, and you won’t find a word about oceans policy.

We found 0 results for “ocean”, says the site’s search engine. Actually, most of the Obama transition agenda has been taken off the web site in the last day or two – for revision or perhaps just to provide political cover.

Oceans policy is no small thing. Most of the world is ocean, and yet marine ecology is falling apart. It’s not just the guitarfish that is in trouble. Once superabundant species like the bluefin tuna are now in danger of disappearing completely.

The Obama presidential campaign made a few small mentions of the importance of the dealing with the growing problems in the oceans, but not much. That small attention needs to expand dramatically, because the disintegration of the Earth’s oceans is accelerating dramatically.

It’s only a matter of time before those of us on land feel the effects of the impoverishment of our oceans. There’s a lot for the Obama Administration to deal with, true, but it’s a responsibility that Barack Obama asked for. 5 or 10 years from now, it may be too late to do anything. It will be President Obama who will be judged as the President who took action, or neglected while a global crisis grew.

3 thoughts on “No Ocean Obama Yet”

  1. rawdawgbuffalo says:

    Well, no matter whats going on now, the economy is number 1, and he will be basically taking over after eight years of a drunken fraternity party

  2. anonymous says:

    Um, dude? That’s not Barack Obama’s official government site as President Elect.

    And, guess what. The official site, change(dot)gov, only mentions “cancer” once, tangentially, in a bio of Jill Biden. And there are zero hits for the phrase, “world hunger.” And zero hits for “critical thinking skills.” I guess our new leader doesn’t care about any of that stuff. I can’t believe he hasn’t addressed those things yet.

    But maybe that’s just to provide “political cover.” Or maybe it is a (dot)gov conspiracy.

  3. tom says:

    i’m hoping environmental problems are taken as seriously as the economic ones and given the same high priority, but he’s not even in office yet and was only elected last week. Let’s give him a chance, but by all means let’s keep the issues that effect us most in his “in-box”.

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