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Prognosticator Mitt Romnifies the Future Again

High Swami Romney Predicts the Future With His All-Seeing Mind VisionOnce and future presidential candidate Mitt Romney trots over to Fortune Magazine to give President-Elect Barack Obama some helpful advice free of charge, peering into the future with his penetrating vision in order to unveil the shape of things to come:

I can only hope the President abandons the populist current, which seems to be growing in our country. An effort to block foreign trade will only hurt America. Ultimately products in this country would become uncompetitive.

Evil populism, following the will of the people! Evil labor and environmental standards for imports, only hurting America! These declarations of things to come must be true, because Mitt Romney can seeeee into the fyoooooture:

I think Ohio’s going to surprise a lot of people tomorrow by delivering the state for John McCain.

I hear there’s a million people who’re gonna gather in Chicago for some celebration with Barack Obama. I want them to know it’s going to be a long, cold night, because we’re going to be celebrating.

Populist fair trade bumpkins, take heed!

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