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I am Ram Bomjon Reincarnated

Nepal’s Buddha Boy Ram Bomjon claims to be the reincarnation of the Buddha – though Buddha himself claimed that he had transcended the cycle of death and reincarnation. That’s not all there is to the story, however. Not by far.

I am the reincarnation of Ram BomjonI have an admission to make: I am the reincarnation of Ram Bomjon.

I know it seems strange, if you look at it in a linear way. Ram Bomjon is still alive, after all, and he’s maybe 20 years younger than me.

Still, you should remember that when you activate your doubting mind, you are miring your soul deeper in samsara. That’s bad. Instead of engaging in this exercise of monkey mind, attempt to cultivate a mental state of detachment from the duality of sense/nonsense. Then, all will become clear.

If you are one of the unenlightened who requires proof for mystical claims, however, I will provide you with clear evidence. Just take a look at the video embedded in this article.

Click on the video, and it will begin to play. You may not notice a difference right away, because what the video shows is me, meditating just like Ram Bomjon. It’s a live video feed, so it will keep on playing for as long as you like.

I have decided, as the reincarnation of Ram Bomjon, to engage in a meditation marathon, just like Ram Bomjon did. I will not eat. I will not drink. I will not move at all. I will not even close my eyes.

Don’t believe? Well, just look at this live video feed here. Have I moved yet? Have I even blinked my eyes? No. I am on the road to Nirvana and I will not falter.

Come back here tonight to check back in on my progress. Check back next week. You’ll see that I am resolute. My meditation continues.

Also, do you see the light that is emanating from my temple, and my jaw? It’s a miracle! I am the reincarnation of Ram Bomjon!

11 thoughts on “I am Ram Bomjon Reincarnated”

  1. AT says:

    Silly man, we are ALL the reincarnation of Ram Bomjon.

  2. will phule says:

    He NEVER claimed to be the buddha reincarnated – others have but not him.

  3. J. Clifford says:

    What about those others, though? What does this say about the status of their belief?

    And does Ram Bomjon not claim these super meditation powers? Hmmmm?

    Have you noticed, by watching this video, that I still have not blinked? I can meditate better than Ram Bomjon, so don’t you think I ought to get his followers coming on over to witness my holiness?

  4. sass says:

    1) Check the documentry on this boy by discovery channel.
    2) Buddhahood is a state.
    He is talking about the state not the person
    3) I dont think he is buddha either
    Not yet

  5. J. Clifford says:

    The DISCOVERY CHANNEL? The cable channel that does “documentaries” on ghost hunters? Oh, spare me.

  6. Lyndon says:

    Ram Bomjon never claimed to be a re-incarnation of Buddha. He stated this in his speech In August 2007. pfff, the Media.

  7. Voltaire says:

    Wow Jim you are very judgmental, why would someone with such superior mental abilities find it necessary to mock these people? If they think he is in the same state as the Buddha, what is the harm? It certainly threatens you though. I think you protest too much!

    If you think that what they believe is nonsense, remember, in 200 years what you believe will be seen as BS.

  8. Jim says:

    But I haven’t written on this yet! I guess that makes me not just very judgmental but the worst kind of very judgmental: the passive-aggressive kind.

    My brother J. Clifford, on the other hand, why, just look at that streaming video: he’s been stock still for ten days now. Absolutely still! The scientists say this can’t be done. Just shows what they know.

    Something in my self says, “Self, I don’t think the real Voltaire would have advocated faith in something without evidence or abstaining from sarcasm.”

  9. J. Clifford says:

    Jim? Where is there any Jim here?

    Yes, what does it harm people to hand their money over to hucksters who pretend to have magic powers?

    For that matter, what harm does it do for you to write me a check for one thousand dollars, Voltaire?

    So, where’s that check?

    I’ve demonstrated my magic powers – as you can see by the live video here, I am still meditating without moving a muscle, typing this comment by telepathy.

    So, where’s my money? I want some of that money Ram Bomjon’s posse has been taking as donations.

  10. Hard G says:

    Just as a point of interest for all parties here, you may find it interesting to read George Saunders’s story in GQ about Ram Bomjon. The full story, “The Incredible Buddha Boy,” is in the June 2006 issue of GQ magazine. It is some fine writing, no matter what you think about the subject.

    The article online is not the full article. The full article citation is:

    Saunders, George. “The incredible Buddha boy.” GQ – Gentlemen’s Quarterly 76.6 (June 2006): 169(6).

    The full article is also reprinted in _The Braindead Megaphone_, by George Saunders. It is also in the _Best American Travel Writing 2007_, I think, although I don’t know if that one is the full article; probably is.

    Anyway, it is worthwhile.

  11. Voltaire says:

    But I am the REAL Voltaire,I am just re-hydrated. Fast freeze dried was the rage and it worked except for my manhood has taken a beating, not that I wouldn’t had done it any way on my own. But now it looks like a shriveled yam, with two old marshmallows.

    I won’t put that on video. By the way JC I did see you move, you winked at me and blew a small kiss. The hairs in your nose were waving and speaking in tongues. They told me that my athletes food would be cured if I sent you a gift certificate to White castle. So I sent in through the Astral plane. Immediately I was cured, but it came back as I began to have doubts about your sincerity.

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