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7 thoughts on “Mock Prop 8 With a Redone Logo”

  1. Damen says:

    That one marked “Prop 8 = Religious Freedom” really burns me up. Where do these people get the idea that their freedom of religion extends to denying the freedoms of others to be married to those they love?

    Churches are already free to marry or not to marry any couple they choose. To say legal gay marriage is a denial of religion freedom is a study in delusions of persecution.

  2. sovereignjohn says:

    Thanks for the redoo graphic. I made my own Toondoo with it.

  3. AT says:

    How about “douchebags fear freedom”

  4. Deacon Barry says:

    Does anyone else see four bare boobs in this logo?

  5. Paliban Mom says:

    Barry, I’m shocked at the implications of your comment.

    Are you suggesting that the Catholic and Mormon churches would attempt to appeal to “breast men” with their graphic design? Perhaps attempting to provoke a “family/mother” sense in viewers, a subliminal message?


    Oh, wait. They’re the Catholic Pagan Mary-Worship Cult and the Mormon Cult. So, you may be right.

    Still disgusting.

  6. drivertyler says:

    gay giants loving gay midgets unite!

  7. HareTrinity says:

    Go transvestites?

    They’re mostly who I see wearing dresses these days.

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