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Daily Archives: November 16, 2008

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Novella Zinfandel by Paso Robles

If I wanted to get snooty, I would say that I’m tasting white currant undertones, but the truth is that, drinking Novella zinfandel, I’m tasting any such thing.

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Girl Scouts vs. Grassroots Gay Rights Activism

Large numbers of kids came out in the cold rain in Ithaca to protest with even more adults against California’s Proposition 8. Nearby, under the shelter of a dry pavilion, the girl scouts didn’t even show up to sell their own cookies. Which kids do you think have the better character?

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Get FISA Right in the Middle of a Blind Spot on Obama

This morning, I received an e-mail inviting me to visit a website called Get FISA Right. With Repeal FISA lying in a coma, I went to take a look. The group describes itself as “non-partisan”: Our members are a diverse group of nonpartisans from all

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