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Girl Scouts vs. Grassroots Gay Rights Activism

Yesterday afternoon, I participated in one of many protests against California’s Proposition 8, a discriminatory piece of legislation that makes homosexuals unconstitutionally unequal under the law by denying them the right to form legally sanctioned couples with full marriage rights. On the Ithaca Commons, there were a couple of hundred people at the rally, in spite of the fact that the rally was held outside in a cold, steady rain. My kids were with me, as were the children of many other people there.

Standing dry under a pavilion about 150 feet away were a couple of people selling cookies for the girl scouts. Neither of those people were girl scouts. They were both adults. No girl scouts were anywhere close by. Neither was anyone buying the scout cookies.

Grassroots gay rights activism score: 200
Top-down girl scouts score: Zero

Which event do you think better reflects character education for children?

2 thoughts on “Girl Scouts vs. Grassroots Gay Rights Activism”

  1. HareTrinity says:

    I’m confused. Why did they have the girl scouts cookies if they weren’t girl scouts?

    Why were they serving them in the rain? Surely it was to support the protest? Then why didn’t anyone buy them?

    Are child scouts now a plot to confuse British people? ‘Cause it’s working.

  2. HareTrinity says:

    Okay, so they were dry, but I mean why serve cookies on a wet day. Aren’t the chances for profit quite low?

    …Unless they were for the protesters?

    Which they weren’t? Or were they?

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