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Novella Zinfandel by Paso Robles

Price: Mid-low. I got my bottle at Trader Joe’s for about nine dollars.

Label: Classic Roman young woman with a flowing toga dangling a bunch of um, white grapes? Dang. She had me there for a little bit. Also, her eye makeup makes her look kind of strung out.

paso robles zinfandelAroma: Almost nothing. My nose is unimpressed.

Taste: Well, it tastes like grape juice that’s been fermented. I’m not picking up any subtlety. If I wanted to get snooty, I would say that I’m tasting a white currant undertone, but the truth is that I’m not. It tastes like smooth red grape juice – without much concord influence. The label says I should be tasting fennel and spice, but if there’s fennel hints in the wine, I’m not getting it, and whatever spice is there is very soft spice.

Texture: Smooth in the mouth at first, with a more stimulating second wave provoking the tongue to rise into choppy waves like a lake in a sudden summer squall.

How to drink it: I’m finding the most satisfaction in curling the tongue a bit, because it’s not provoking any sensation on the sides of my tongue at all. It’s along the middle of the roof of my mouth and in the curled canyon of my tongue that this wine feels most at home.

One thought on “Novella Zinfandel by Paso Robles”

  1. The Gourmez says:

    I think the newer vintages may be worth a revisit. I quite enjoyed my bottle last week. Also, I quoted you on my blog review of it.

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