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Chet Edwards Fantasies

The people down in Texas seem to be going through a weird kind of catharsis, having lost their White House and House leadership connections over the last couple of years. To compensate for their new marginality, they’re engaging in fantasies about a Texas restoration… through Congressman Chet Edwards.

This summer, Houston-area newspapers, and just about no one else, wrote about how Chet Edwards was supposedly in the running to be Barack Obama’s running mate. It wasn’t really so, but Houston journalists got all hot and bothered about it anyway.

This weekend, Houston reporters got hot and bothered for Chet Edwards again. They spread the rumor that Barack Obama would make Congressman Edwards the Secretary for Veterans Affairs. Almost as quickly as they created the rumor, they had to report its demise. Chet Edwards announced that he wasn’t even interested in the job.

What’s next? A rumor in Texas newspapers that Chet Edwards will be considered for an Emmy Award, or Nobel Prize? How about winner of the Texas State Fair pie eating contest? He might win that one.

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