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Skreened Tops CafePress in Sweatshop-Free Organic Baby Clothing

Back in February, a representative of CafePress assured us in conversations that dark American Apparel shirts would be coming up for sale in the late summer. In the early fall, maybe more American Apparel organic shirts would be coming up too.

Uh huh. We’ve been hearing that line from CafePress for years now. Such shirts are always just around the corner, to be coming in a few months, if we will just be patient and wait. We were never very patient to begin with, and after three or four rounds of these promises with a side of squelched criticism, we’re not holding our breath…

… and we don’t have to. While CafePress continues to expand its line of products made in overseas factories that waste transportation resources and pay workers low wages, Skreened continues to expand its offering of clothing for men, women, kids and babies — each and every one of them made ethically in the United States by American Apparel.

Just yesterday, for example, Skreened introduced a new product in its line of onesies for babies. For some time now, Skreened has offered a sweatshop-free American Apparel baby onesie in a variety of colors:

Yin Yang Baby Onesie, Made Sweatshop-Free by American Apparel and Skreened O: The President Baby Onesie in Support of President Barack Obama
Pink Dove Peace and Justice Sweatshop-Free Baby Onesie Don't Worry Okapi Baby Onesie of Good Parenting Humor
Conscientious Objector Baby Onesie with Fake Splatter

And now Skreened has added a natural-color organic cotton onesie to its line:

Raised Fist of Protest Young Activist Baby Onesie in Natural Color Organics and made Sweatshop-Free

Yep, just like all the other clothing Skreened offers for sale, it’s made sweatshop-free by American Apparel.

If you’re a parent looking for progressive clothes for your baby that are made in a sustainable and sweatshop-free manner, check out our Liberal Babies and Obama Baby webshops and take a look at the onesies we have for sale.

If you’re a graphic designer who is looking for a place to sell shirts online, consider starting up an account today at Skreened. There’s no cost to you whatsoever. You make money by charging a modest commission when Skreened sells one of your shirts, and in the meantime you help an ethical business model succeed. Isn’t that a sweet deal?

4 thoughts on “Skreened Tops CafePress in Sweatshop-Free Organic Baby Clothing”

  1. Organic Baby Clothes says:

    Great resource! I’m at Fierce Hugs Organic Baby — — where we actually manufacture our own sweatshop free organic baby t-shirts and onesies, but as a graphic designer on the side — — companies like Skreened are a great alternative. There’s also — they have extremely limited organic cotton options, but they’ve got a cool selection of sportswear.

  2. Hip Organic Baby Clothes says:

    These organic onesies are so adorable. My sources tell me they use veggie dye for the clothes fabric and design colors, making them even cooler!


  3. Jim says:

    “Your sources” — gee, Sarah. That’s your website!

    My sources on the “Positively Organic” baby onesies you advertise tell me that the onesies are shipped all the way from India, completely negating any environmental benefit. They might as well be printed using benzene.

  4. Nick says:

    Wow these are adorable! Have you checked out wholesale organic baby clothing by Colored Organics. They have the highest quality onesies I have found, they are a US company ( which I love to support! ) and they have great styles and colors. I also really like that they have tagless onesies so I can sew my own label in the garment.

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