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Obama Appointment Signals Unwillingness to Confront Surveillance and Torture

This week, news of an apparent appointment to the presidential cabinet of Barack Obama hit the streets. Sources are telling the Associated Press and Atlantic Monthly that John Brennan will likely be appointed to head the CIA or be the next Director of National Intelligence. Glenn Greenwald and Andrew Sullivan do an excellent job of documenting Brennan’s extensive involvement with and justification of policies of extraordinary rendition and waterboarding. Brennan also was one of the gang who convinced Barack Obama to do a flip-flop on unconstitutional spying and vote for the FISA Amendments Act.

Extraordinary rendition, waterboarding and warrantless spying remain on the books as legal avenues for a presidential administration. Bringing on their architect and defender is not a positive sign for someone who hopes that part of the whole “Change” package will include a return to constitutional government. People who care should bring pressure to bear.

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