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3 thoughts on “Ohio State-Michigan Wishes From God (Video)”

  1. Horatio says:

    Well, the Wolverines didn’t sit down exactly… does their playing badly count, or are they still going to hell?

  2. God says:

    I’m thinking about purgatory, to tell you the truth.

    Were you wearing scarlet and gray, Horatio? Wait, wait. Yes, I already know. Shame on you.

  3. Hard G says:

    Lord, we just ask that the players for the team of the school we favor move the leather air-filled bladder over more lines than the players for the team of the school we do not favor, likely because we live in the same geographic region or perhaps attended the school or have kith or kin who attended the school even though none of us participated in any sports. Lord, we just ask you to bless the team we favor and not the team we disfavor. Lord Jesus, we simply ask that you hinder the players of the other team, impeding their progress in moving said ball over more lines than the players of our team. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

    p.s. While we will accept a win by any margin, Lord, a complete rout (say, +28 points or more) would be most appreciated. amen and again amen.

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