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Nationwide Walkout December 3 to Support Gay Rights

Being the oldster that I am, I don’t usually get word of student movements until the last minute. That’s what happened this time too, but I’m happier to pass on late word than no word at all. Here we go. Ahem…

Hey, you young whippersnapper people out there. You probably already know this, but here’s the deal. To support equal rights for gay and lesbian people in America:


Leave this note on your desk: “School taught me not to discriminate. Say No to H8. Say Yes to equality.”

Sorry about the volume on that, but you know, when we were young we oldsters went to too many of those crazy music concerts, and now we can’t hear anything, so we yell a lot. Eh.

P.S. What is an H8?

P.S.S. Like Rowan said, if you’re an oldster like me and you work for a living, you can do something too. Later, as with most oldster thingamajigs. Walk out of work on Wednesday, December 10.

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