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What should Barack Obama ask of us?

I’m inclined to add a subtitle to this post: “…and why shouldn’t we all just go ahead and do it anyway?” In my ideal world, we Americans wouldn’t need a Dear Leader to tell us what we ought to do to better our own lives; we’d just figure it out on our own and proceed from there. This is not an ideal world. In this plane of existence, human beings tend to get stuck in ruts of sameness and depend on leaders to get them out. Can we try to get halfway to the ideal and imagine a president who reminds us of things we can do to help ourselves? In his Inaugural Address and in his first 100 days, set aside for the moment what government initatives you’d like Barack Obama to get started, and consider: what should the new president be asking us to do as individuals, all on our own?

2 thoughts on “What should Barack Obama ask of us?”

  1. Jim says:

    Let me start this off… I think Barack Obama should ask Americans to squeeze more value out of their homes, and I’m not talking about home equity lines of credit. President Obama should give us a list of five ways to get more value out of the homes we own and land we husband:

    1. Winterize by filling window cracks with caulk, installing weatherstrips on doors. Then turn down the heat by two degrees and yes, put on a sweater.

    2. Plant trees, shrubs and vines to break the wind around your home, provide shade in the summer, and reduce energy consumption from air conditioners.

    3. Use those new-fangled solar clothes dryers they’ve got called… clothes lines.

    4. Stop fertilizing the lawn in the spring so you can toss out grass clippings and leaves in the trash. Compost leaves and grass, mixing them in with vegetable leftovers.

    5. Plant a garden.

    A good speech by President Obama would demonstrate how by doing these things people can simultaneously save themselves some money, protect the environment and increase national security by reducing our dependence on oil.

  2. Juniper says:

    Barack Obama should ask Americans to walk. If they’ve got an errand to go somewhere that’s less than a mile away, able-bodied Americans ought to walk or use a bicycle to take care of it. They’d save energy, cut global warming emissions and smog, and would reduce health care costs too.

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