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Australia Activism: No Internet Censorship, No Clean Feed

What synchronicity: just as the Green Man posted news of Australian protest against the logging of old-growth forest, I learned of another campaign of Australian activism against cutting… this time, the cutting of lines of information on the Internet.

This one’s a real barbecue stopper: did you know that the Australian government is planning to force all internet service providers in the country to block certain websites the government deems to be “offensive”? Sure, the government focuses on blocking child pornography in its public relations on the subject… but signs are that the government plans to be much broader than that, blocking a whole range of “offensive” content so that Australians don’t have to worry their little heads none about being exposed to dangerous ideas.

How very much like totalitarian China.

On December 13, Australians will be gathering in communities across the nation to protest the implementation of top-down electronic thought control. If you live in Australia, click here to find plans for demonstrations near your home. If you don’t live in Australia but want to lend a hand, consider a donation to help print flyers and otherwise get the word out in that big country.

2 thoughts on “Australia Activism: No Internet Censorship, No Clean Feed”

  1. David says:

    This filter is such an abhorrent plan. I just found a link, , and it looks like those guys are the oficial organisers for the national protests and the site has got information for the protests in all the states and territories. Everybody needs to get on-board with trying to stop this filter. Censorship has no place in a democratic society.

  2. Jim says:

    How interesting, “David.” You just found the link? Wow! “Sarah” wrote to me mere minutes before you as an official website representative of the same official website. Officially! Did you register with the government first, officially? Are you — excuse me, I mean the link you “just found” — the official sponsor of the celebrity cereal protest bowl, tm, registered, all rights reserved?

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