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Product Introductions Deepen Ethical Distinction Between Skreened and CafePress

CafePress Zip Hoodie: Warped EthicsThis month, CafePress has introduced four new sweatshirts for its online shopkeepers to place their images on and sell. A CafePress representative confirmed to me today that each of the sweatshirts is made outside the USA, in a long-distance arrangement that only makes economic sense for CafePress if the workers who make those sweatshirts are paid really low wages for their work. We don’t and won’t sell those.

Instead, we continue to place all of our current shirt designs on the Skreened print-on-demand system, which has four new long-sleeve shirt and sweatshirt options to offer this month. We choose to sell these shirts because they’re made under the cover of American labor and wage protections by Los Angeles producer American Apparel. Here are three of them:

take a sledgehammer to the cogs sweatshirt Yes He Can Spy On You long sleeve shirt Green Progressive Moose sweat shirt

As CafePress continues to offer more and more varieties of apparel made by low-wage labor and Skreened continues to offer more and more varieties of apparel made ethically in the USA, the distinction between these two print-on-demand operators becomes more and more clear.

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