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Welsh Protests Against War

The slogan smash EDO sounds violent, but it’s actually EDO that’s engaged in violence.

Hundreds of people from Wales have been marching in protest against the EDO MBM Technology Ltd. weapons factory in Brighton, on the south coast of the Britain. Today, and every week on Wednesday, they’re holding noisy demonstrations outside the EDO facility.

Their motivation: Struggle against global military conflicts by focusing on local mechanisms that contribute to the bloodshed. The Brighton EDO factory works with American company ITT to provide bombs, tanks, attack helicopters and unmanned drones that have attacked civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan from the skies.

These British activists can’t effectively travel to Iraq to intervene the violence there, but they can take action to defy those in their own communities who profit from war. Take a look around where you live. Chances are that, within a 100-mile radius of where you live, there’s a similar opportunity for you to confront your own unfriendly neighborhood war profiteers.

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