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Oil Spills Big and Small

When I think of oil spills, I think of big ocean vessels springing a leak, or offshore oil rigs pounded by hurricanes or rogue waves. A spill like that took place in Auckland, New Zealand this week, with a ton of oil washing up on shore, closing a beach.

There are also oil spills on land, however. In Woburn, Massachusetts, a gas station leaked gasoline into the city’s wells, used for drinking water last weekend. To the north of there in New Hampshire, a line of home heating oil was found to be leaking into a brook in Monadnock State Park on Friday.

There’s enough filth from fossil fuels to go around for both land and sea. Cutting back our consumption of these dirty sources of energy can reduce spills near us, wherever we might live.

2 thoughts on “Oil Spills Big and Small”

  1. Des Sievers says:

    Cutting back our use of electricty and thus using less dirty fuel could be done by NOT continuing this crappy website.

  2. Antiqued says:

    Not significantly, actually. There’s very little shipping involved, and little electricity as well. The readership to electricity ratio of is an extremely efficient model.

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