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Climate Change Protest to Include … Airplanes?

Am I just too jaded? Is it just me? Or is it kooky weird that Greenpeace is holding a demonstration here in Columbus, Ohio tomorrow at which hundreds of people will hold big cards up above their heads to form a big picture? I know, that in itself doesn’t sound too weird, but wait, see, here are the details: according to an organizer of the event, the picture will send the message “Yes we can save the climate!” … when photographed from the sky. That would involve an airplane… or a helicopter… flying overhead… burning off huge amounts of fossil fuels.

Greenpeace plans to replicate this exercise in aerial photography and fossil fuel burning over and over again in 30 other American cities and at 20 other locations around the world so that “Greenpeace’s team of campaigners in Poland will use the images that week to lobby the U.S. negotiators in Poland and make sure they know that Americans are paying attention and want to see our government lead in the international effort to stop global warming.”

Am I being a Scrooge about this, or is sending loads of planes into the air all over the world probably not the best way to demonstrate a commitment to changing the global climate for the better?

One thought on “Climate Change Protest to Include … Airplanes?”

  1. tom says:

    Wait – are THEY planning to photograph it from the sky, or will it be able to be photograhed or viewed by people already in the air over the events at the time?

    The first scenario would be typical of the wasted efforts to date in the climate change arena, while the second would be a bit more understandable (if not basically silly and meaningless).

    Maybe Greenpeace should stick to trying to protect whales and the ocean (as if the whaling industry or the corporations which use the ocean as a dump are going to change their ways for the group or the environment).

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