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It's Worse Than Half A Million

The news came out this morning that over half a million jobs were cut just last month: 533,000 payrolls were eliminated.

Now consider that it’s worse than that. Over the last couple of decades huge numbers of jobs have been transformed into independent contractor relationships in which workers aren’t on any payroll, but are offered work by the project. When those projects are no longer offered because a company has no money to pay for them, there’s no record of a payroll position being lost, but work is lost nonetheless.

Though 533,000 payrolls were cut last month, much more work than that was lost. Comparing statistics from previous decades to what we’re going through now misses this difference.

One thought on “It's Worse Than Half A Million”

  1. tom says:

    Yeah, just like the way the consumer price index fails to account for significant factors and many of the other indices we hear touted by the government are fudged estimates with little or no real value, the whole exercise seems more and more like propaganda ala the ol’ Soviet Union and China. Our country has become a sad joke. We’ve lost probably millions of jobs since the Clinton administration due to outsourcing to the Far East where labor is cheap and the corporations don’t have to play by the rules or worry about the environment like they used to here. Now they just don’t care because it’s all about their precious “bottom line.”

    The entire system we set up and participated in since the Industrial Revolution has been shown to be totally unsustainable and the fact that all the wealth ends up in the hands of a relative few at the expense of the billions of others who live on the planet and the planet itself just shows how ignorant, greedy and selfish humanity has always been.

    Since we can’t seem to learn from these gross mistakes, i’ve come the conclusion that we’re on our way out as a species, as you know from hearing it ad nauseum over the years. Humanity and our civilization system is not only self-destructive but also environmentally toxic too.

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