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No Time In National Writing Month

This year, as before, I participated in but did not successfully complete NaNoWriMo, the National Novel Writing Month. However, I was more successful than last year. This year, I got at least a significant fraction of the 50,000 word goal done with. Furthermore, I can see that if I actually had spent every day, for just a couple of hours, writing, I would have finished the goal.

My lesson from this year of failing the National Novel Writing Month is that successful writing begins with an organization of a life in order to make it possible to write. This month, my inability to finish the contest was due to an excess of work – for the election and otherwise. This year, I’m glad for that, because being unthankful for work while so many other people are out of work is one of the most immoral things I can think of.

With all of that, I haven’t even bothered to stop and reflect on the writing November that’s passed until now, the 5th of December. It seems that I don’t have much urgency on this subject.

My goal for National Novel Writing Month in 2009 is not to complete the 50,000 words, but to complete 5,000 words more than I did this year. With the economy going as it is, I don’t anticipate having any more time next November than I did this November. What I’d like to attain is the ability to summon better focus during the short time that I will have.

Money buys time. When times are tight, the room we make for fiction is cinched tight as well.

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