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Bailout Hillary Clinton?

Poor, poor Hillary Clinton. She’s in over her head, or so say the Democratic Party insiders who are organizing a fundraiser for her in New York City next weekend.

As half a million Americans lost their jobs last month, the foreclosure rate is at a record high, and factory workers in Chicago are staging a sit-in protest because they were fired without legally required notice and severance pay, Hillary Clinton still has failed to pay 7.5 million dollars in bills from her presidential campaign.

Democratic Party activists who already donated huge amounts of money to political causes in 2008 have been sent new requests to send yet more money to help Hillary Clinton pay the bills of her self-promoting presidential campaign. 5.3 million dollars of Clinton’s debt is to Mark Penn, the pollster whose services helped Clinton go from “inevitable” in late 2007 to grabbing, desperate failure just a few months later.

It’s not as if the Clintons couldn’t easily pay the bill themselves. After taxes, the Clintons had 15 million dollars of income in 2007. Bill Clinton made over 10 million dollars just through by making speeches for groups of the rich and powerful. That’s just in one year – and that kind of income has been pouring into the Clintons’ bank accounts for year after year after year.

Now we, the little people who are struggling to pay bills that amount to mere hundreds of dollars, are supposed to open up our checkbooks to help the Clintons? No. No, no, no. No.

Why don’t we try this instead: We pay our bills, and the Clintons pay their bills. Then, the Democratic Party can hold another kind of fundraiser: This one to raise money to help Americans whose jobs have disappeared and are looking for work.

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