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Homeland Security Crashes Upon San Diego

It never had the opportunity to repel an invasion across the borders of the United States of America, but the F/A-18D Hornet fighter jet showed us Homeland Security nonetheless as it fell out of the skies into the city of San Diego.

f-18 jet fighter crashes upon San DiegoNo foreigner needed to attack to create this scene of death. Our fear of foreign invasion sent that dangerous into the sky, flying over our civilian neighborhoods, crashing down upon our heads. Two children and their grandmother are believed to be among the dead.

We didn’t need that F/A-18D Hornet to be safe, and we’ll never be safe so long as we depend upon such outrageous weaponry to create a sense of security. The Homeland in San Diego is on fire. We can stamp out the source of that flame, if we are willing to live in courage instead of the cowardice that flinches behind the greatest arsenal ever created.

The military airplane cost 57 million dollars, but that’s not the beginning of the true cost of building such a terrible machine. We can’t afford these weapons of war any more. It’s time to disarm.

One thought on “Homeland Security Crashes Upon San Diego”

  1. Tom says:

    i agree. It’s time to change the paradigm we as humans have adopted since we battled each other for food instead of cooperating. Now the stakes are much higher, the resources becoming ever more scarce and the cost of war beyond belief. There’s enough work to do for everyone to get involved and no more need for death and destruction as a foreign policy.

    Of course it won’t happen over night. My fear is that it won’t happen at all and we’ll just continue, like the stupid species we are, to kill ourselves off and make the entire planet uninhabitable (for humans).

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