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Clif Bar Chocolate Chip or Chocolate Brownie?

It’s an imperfect thing to have a Clif Bar for breakfast. It’s better than a chocolate chip cookie or a chocolate brownie, to be sure, but not as nourishing as… oh heck, a lot of breakfast foods aren’t very nourishing, are they?

Still, let’s say that you’re left with the choice of a Clif Bar for breakfast or no breakfast at all. Also, you’re faced with the decision of whether to have the chocolate brownie Clif Bar and the chocolate chip Clif Bar. What do you do?

My suggestion is to go with the chocolate chip Clif Bar. This flavor feels as much like oatmeal as like anything chocolate, and that relative lack of intensity goes well with a cup of coffee. The chocolate brownie bar is too thick with chocolatiness deal with first thing in the morning. It feels more like work than an uplifting little meal.

Nutrionally, both bars are about the same, given that they’ve both been through the same pharmafood mixers to get the 15 percent recommended Molybdenum.

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