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Commission Reports That Its Work Is Very Very Important

Yet another security commission report came out this week, and surprise, they’re reporting that we all ought to be very, very worried.

Last week, it was the Commission on the Prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism. That commission reported that prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism is very, very important, and needs to get a lot more attention, or else we’ll all be sorry.

This week, another commission has issued another report. This time, it’s the U.S. Commission on Cybersecurity. Guess what that commission found? You got it – they discovered that cybersecurity is very, very important and needs to get a lot more attention, or else we’ll all be sorry.

You know, I think that if the White House established a Commission on Kangaroo Security, we’d get a report that Kangaroo Security is very important, and should receive much more attention, or else we’ll all be sorry. If there was a Commission of Coffee Security, we’d get a nagging report warning us that a coffee attack was looming, and we all better hunker down and think about coffee more, or else we’ll all be sorry.

Make a commission to study an issue, and the commission will report that it’s important to study the issue. That doesn’t mean that the issue is actually important. It just means that the commission believes that the commission is important.

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