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Christians Stand Up To Poetry!

I wrote earlier today about anti-weapons protests taking place in the United Kingdom, but there are other protests going on in Britain as well.

Every year at about this time, Christian preachers take to their pulpits and start to complain about how their religion isn’t taken seriously. This year, in Wales, the complaints have been taken to the streets. Stephen Green of a group called Christian Voice climbed a step ladder outside the Welsh Assembly and told a group of people there, “We’re seeing the Christian faith attacked on all sides. Now it’s under attack in a seat of government in the UK!”

What was this “attack” against Christianity? Was it a drive-by-shooting? A bombing? A riot? An act of vandalism? Nope. It was poetry. The group was protesting an “attack” in the form of a poem written by Patrick Jones.

Some Brits were protesting against attacks that kill and maim people, using weapons made by arms merchants like Raytheon, but Christian Voice did not take part in those protests. The group chose to protest against attacks of poetry instead.

Hm… and why do you think some people don’t take Christianity seriously any more?

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