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Irregular Times Is Not Cutting Its Staff

mother davisMother Davis folds up this morning’s thin newspaper as she notes,

National Public Radio is firing 7 percent of its staff. The Associated Press is laying off 10 percent of its workers. CBSNews and CNet are merging together, and cutting jobs in the process. Newsweek is firing workers too. A whole bunch of newspapers are going bankrupt or are on the brink. Yahoo is leaking employees all over California.

As corporate media is faltering, we at Irregular Times are not. We haven’t had the strongest financial year ever, but we’re not firing anyone, or laying them off, or shifting them to part time.

How can we get away with that? We’re small. When everyone else was biggering and biggering. We were persisting, and staying true to our independent natures.

We’re all going to rely more on the independent media more than we have in the past, because the mainstream is shrinking significantly. It’s up to those who have retained the flexibility of smallness to do their part and write the kind of small stories but important stories that never have gotten coverage in the big presses.

We’ll do what we can. We don’t pretend to be big, and being small just might help us survive this media mass extinction.

Staying put in her rocking chair as she watches the newspaper blow away on a gentle breeze,
Mother Davis

One thought on “Irregular Times Is Not Cutting Its Staff”

  1. tom says:

    During the Bush administration, the head of NPR was canned and replaced by a Republican crony and the show has gone down the Fox News road as far as i’m concerned. They pander the Republican party line all the time now and it’s rare when you hear any dissent any more. They suck. i’ve taken to driving in silence now, since radio, like everything else in America, has become tainted.

    We are certainly going to reap what we have sown in the coming years and it isn’t going to be fun or pretty.

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