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Letting Simeon Simeonov In

Mother Davis has noted the shrinking of mainstream journalistic businesses, and suggested that small, independent news media has an increased responsibility for spreading information that the diminishing field of American journalism has not touched.

There are plenty of stories out there to be told. Yesterday, That’s My Congress found one of them. There’s a lot attention being given to the multibillion dollar bailout being pushed through Congress for the Detroit automotive corporations this week – and rightfully so. However, there are other things going on in Congress as well.

One curious little bill that was introduced into the House of Representatives a couple days ago was H. R. 7319. The bill was written by Illinois Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez for the exclusive benefit of just four people: Simeon Simeonov, Stela Simeonova, Stoyan Simeonov, and Vania Simeonova. The proposed law provides a special exception to immigration for just these people, allowing them to establish permanent legal residence in the United States the instant they enter U.S. territory.

Why? Who are these Simeonovs, anyway? That’s My Congress writes that the surname appears to be Bulgarian, and identifies some prominent Simeon Simeonovs, including a venture capitalist already working in the United States, the commander of the Bulgarian Air Force, and a board member of a Bulgarian real estate company who is accused of some sort of fraud.

I can find only a bit of information on the name Stoyan Simeonov. There is a popular soccer player by that name – but would we stretch the law just for the sake of soccer? Also, here’s a possibility on Facebook – but there are two other Stoyan Simeonovs on Facebook, and 58 Simeon Simeonovs listed.

Here’s a little bit more information to look at: In 2005, Danny Davis, another Democrat from Illinois, proposed H.R. 1484, a law that would have given special immigration privileges to someone named Stoyan Simeonov Stoyanov. Is this the same Stoyan Simeonov that Luis Gutierrez is trying to get special favors for?

If so, what’s the urgency? Does a Simeonov who needed special help to immigrate in 2005 really still need that special help three years later? A similar bill, H.R. 3649, was proposed for the sake of Stoyan Simeonov Stoyanov by Representative Davis in 2003. Has the need really been there for five years?

These Simeonovs clearly have political connections of some kind, but what kind of connections? What’s the Chicago link? Why did the Simeonovs switch from working through Danny Davis to working through the office of Luis Gutierrez, whose district is sandwiched by the Davis constituency?

The office of Luis Gutierrez is not responding to requests for information about the Simeonov bill. Why not?

This isn’t a huge story, but there is enough of a story to get the attention of two members of Congress over a five year period. It’s a little mystery on the public books, and it deserves some small explanation from somewhere.

9 thoughts on “Letting Simeon Simeonov In”

  1. Jim says:

    This stinks of something really ripe. Nice catch on this. Where will the stench lead?

    1. jcd says:

      Here it is again in the 111th: 9 Jan 2009, same rep, HR353. Fun.

    2. Jim says:

      Looking at these names again, it seems that they’re patronymic last names with gendered endings. Patronymics are last names based on the name of a parent (think Leif Ericsson), but there are also familial last names in many societies with patronyms, especially in the Slavic societies like Serbia, Russia and Bulgaria. I wonder what the familial last name of these people might be.

  2. Voltaire says:

    Just tell them to come in the southern border, and change there names to something more flavorful. They could forget about all the “special treatment” that they seem to be paying for, and just blend in.

    The whole idea that these people are getting some special “secret” favor is troubling to say the least….

  3. jmr says:

    This bill has been in one form or another since 2003, and again submitted by Roland Burris on March 9th. From what I can tell, the “Simeonov” family is of great interest to the Democrats in Ill. Is there any further developments with information on who exactly these people are? (111th, HR 353, S. 549, 110th HR 7319, 109th HR 1484, 108th HR 3649)

  4. Stoyan says:

    I am the person who will benefit if the referenced bill is passed. Nothing dark and conspiratorial about me. The reason I need the bill introduced by Danny Davis is that the university I attend forgot to renew a document as a result of which I found myself in a statutory violation of immigration law THROUGH NO FAULT OF MY OWN. If you are unclear, a statutory violation means that the BCIS is not interested in who is to blame for the violation and only cares for the fact that there is a violation. Trust me when I say that I have attempted to repair the situation in all other possible ways. It was and remains a desperate case where my honest efforts to become a US citizen would be thwarted by a clerical error over which I had no control.

    I have no connection to the other names on your list, though I am, indeed, Bulgarian. The air force pilot, by the way is long dead — he fought in World War II. And I am a student — not a venture capitalist and certainly not associated with real estate. I turned to Danny Davis because his congressional district happens to contain the largest concentration of Bulgarians anywhere in the US. I have seen nothing but kindness from him as he was one of very few officials who were actually willing to listen to my Catch 22 problem. I am unaware of any efforts on my behalf by Luiz Gutierrez.

  5. CTS says:

    Then why isn’t the university correcting their “mistake”? Why do you feel the US Congress should right a personalized law for you? Who are the other three people listed on the bill? I see this as an action to circumvent the immigration process for four listed individuals. A grave misrepresentation of our system will take place if this is allowed to proceed.

  6. Roland says:

    I’m thinking if Stoyan has the “problem,” then why the hell do the bills extent to Simeon, Stela and Vania? Stoyan is not the only one to benefit. Doesn’t pass the smell test, especially since Stoyan states he is unaware of the efforts of Gutierrez and therefore Burris. By the way, Gutierrez’s big buddy, Rep. Jose E. Serrano (D-NY) introduced a bill (H.J.Res.5) to repeal the 22nd Amendment (that would be the one covering presidential term limits. It’s languishing in limbo, but could certainly sneak in under the radar.

  7. Crae says:

    This law was just reintroduced today and there is still no info on who they are. That’s how i wound up here. Im not American but i am concerned.

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