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What's So Great About Indiana?

When I say the word “Indiana,” people roll their eyes. Gary, Indiana? Not such a sweet home: it’s gray with polluted air and water. Southern Indiana is populated with towns like Gnaw Bone (known for its flea markets). Everyone I talk to about Indiana seems to eventually bring up the significant history and current activity of Klan activity in the state.

Proud Hoosiers, defend yourselves. What is there to like about Indiana?

3 thoughts on “What's So Great About Indiana?”

  1. Junga says:

    If you’re coming from Florida, it’s at least halfway to Oregon.

  2. D. Yaros says:

    Gary has quite a history, a lot of it good. The list of famous personalities who have Gary, IN roots is quite extensive. To learn more about Gary, past and present, check out Dave’s Den, particularly the Gary page:

  3. Junga says:

    Yeah, like that guy who went to the Conservatory there… sure.

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