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Consequential Congressman Ralph Hall

The people of the 4th district in Texas have sent Ralph Hall to serve them in the U.S. House of Representatives once more, in order to accomplish, if the past two years are any indication, not very much. Over the past two years, Congressman Hall has sponsored only 12 pieces of legislation, including amendments to other people’s legislation.

Those few bits of legislation that Hall has sponsored are mostly inconsequential. They include a resolution commemorating the 50th anniversary of a library, another one recognizing, decades after the fact, the importance of the first integrated circuit, and a bill to rename the courthouse at 101 East Pecan Street in Sherman, Texas. His work also includes an attempt to change the military rank of the astronauts who participated in the Apollo space missions in the 1960s and 1970s.

Relevance, thy name is not Ralph Hall.

Since the election of 2008, Ralph Hall has not introduced any legislation to deal with any of the nation’s many problems at all. Representative Hall has, however, risen to speak before the House of Representatives on the very, very interesting issue of the admission of Bill Douglass to the Convenience Store Hall of Fame. This Tuesday, Hall rose to speak of the importance of Douglass, “honored for his tireless efforts on behalf of the convenience and petroleum retailing industry”. It seems that Douglass, as an inductee into the Convenience Store Hall of Fame, is famously convenient.

5 thoughts on “Consequential Congressman Ralph Hall”

  1. Voltaire says:

    You know that some people would be glad that a politician didn’t do much, me being one of them. The less they put their finger into the pie the better! So what are you complaining about? That he didn’t do much, or that he didn’t do what you wanted him to? You special interest people…

    He should get the Barack Obama Meritorious Service award! Some people were bothered by Barack’s lack of action in the Senate, I for one hope he will continue on that path for the next 4 years!

    1. J. Clifford says:

      Are you SERIOUSLY creating a category of human beings that you deride as “special interest people”? Sorry, but I’m not following you there.

  2. Voltaire says:

    It was a joke!
    But there are special interest people, and general interest people. Sierra Club VS ACLU…speaking figuratively of course. I myself tend to be a person of no interest.

  3. Mr. Preston says:


    Liked your comments regarding the “activity” of Ralph Hall. It appears that he will be running again in 2010…at the very young age of 87 (89 when that term is completed). Hall is the Oldest Member of the House and 2nd only to Byrd in all of Congress. While I fully admire his service to our country and his long time dedication to the 4th District. BUT, as you pointed out in his older age, he has sponsored very little legislation; and, none that are of Speical Importance (unless you also call the Boy Scout’s of America Day legislation Important). He is and was a honorable man. But, with little action, little legislation, and 97% party-line voting, it is time to step down.

    Of course, with fissures in the Rep. Party from lack of a united ideology, we, the people fo the 4th, need to look for other answers.

    Perhaps it is time to look at alternatives like the truly fiscally conservative Libertarian Party. I invite you and other readers to check out their platform (

    Bottom-line, I want some full of the piss and vinegar needed to stand up and represent me. I want someone that is not afraid to go against party-line if the need arises. I want someone that has the youth and fight left in them.

    Congressman Hall, thank you for your service! I truly mean that. But, please, either be an active member of the Texas membership, or, retire. You have a lot of laurels to rest on…and enjoy the family.

  4. Redbone says:

    I don’t know Congressman Hall, personally. What I do know, from correspondences, his voting record, and the way the family has comported itself during the two decades that I’ve been a constituent, he is an honorable man and dedicated to serving “The Constitution Of The United States Of America”. That being said I have voted for Libertarian candidates in the last two elections.

    Few people that get elected to federal office can withstand the corruption that is imposed on them continuously, he is one that can.

    That being said, I’m for term limits, two terms for Representatives and one for Senators.

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