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The Ballad of Rod Blagojevich (Music Video Minute)

To the tune of “They’re Always in the Way” (aka “Father’s Whiskers”):

My name is Rodney Blago
I head up Illinois
I don’t mind all the power
But the laws get me annoyed

Oh, they’re always in the way
And only chumps obey
Those laws I skirt
They really hurt
They’re always in the way

If you want the U.S. Senate
You have to go through me
There’s a bit of lubrication
I call it bribery

Oh, the laws are in the way
But I say “What the hey!”
Slip me a buck
Or you’re out of luck
The laws are in the way

This thing I’ve got is golden
I’m not going to give it up
For expletive deleted
Expletive deleted

Oh expletive deleted
Expletive Deleted
Expletive Del
Eted Exple
Tive Deleted Expl

That’s a Wrap!

2 thoughts on “The Ballad of Rod Blagojevich (Music Video Minute)”

  1. Semaj says:

    To whomever made that, please kill yourself now. Seriously, that was really, really stupid.

  2. Jim says:

    OK, I’m dead!

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