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In Harder Times, Freelance Market for Writing Gets Even More Desperate

This past August, J. Clifford reviewed the freelance writing market at He was shocked at the time to find writers competing for the privilege of selling their writing at a rate of $5 per 500-word article. With the economy grinding Americans down harder still, the rates at this freelance market have gone down further still. Here the rate for a 500-word article is somewhere between $1-$2.

Perhaps I’m an unusually slow writer, but I find that even when I’m trying to whip out a piece of writing, the fastest I can manage is about 20 minutes for 500 words. If I take the time to proofread, correct mistakes and rewrite for clarity, I really can only manage 1,000 words an hour. This implies that unless I’m comparatively slow, Get A Freelancer is offering less than the minimum wage for needed piecework. That’s depressing enough. What’s more depressing is that the market wouldn’t be offering such meager compensation unless there were people out there desperate enough to accept it.

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