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A Royal Story Ending in President Caroline Kennedy

Why is Caroline Kennedy as a U.S. Senator remotely possible and making such big news on the East Coast? I suspect the answer is the same as the answer to the questions:

Why is Andrew Cuomo the second-best shot for the Senate seat?
Why did Hillary Clinton win that Senate seat in the first place?
Why is Joe Biden’s Senate seat in Delaware being held for his son?
Why did Al Gore get elected to the same Senate seat his father held?

It’s about family continuity in politics. Some synonyms for “family continuity in politics”: aristocracy, dynasty, royalty. Some Americans have a strong desire for royalty in America. They tried to make George W. Bush a king, praising him to an embarrassing extent for far too long, far longer than they praised his father, George II. They refer to the original Kennedy administration as “Camelot,” if that isn’t a big enough hint. And what happens to old dynasties? Why, they have restorations, of course. The Clinton dynasty is clearly over, at least at the presidential level, and Joseph “Beau” Biden the Third is too young yet, so it’s time for the royalists to dust off the old Kennedy name.

Like George Lucas, these Americans long for the continuation of a story from one generation to another, one that revolves around the return of the rightful, good, kind and just rulers to power. Be they chosen for the right level of Mitichloreans or the right Hahvahd accent, for the aristocratic story to follow its full arc the families must return to power. For the royalists, Caroline Kennedy’s reassuring connections to the right private schools, the right Manhattan foundations and the right parents are good enough to start with. She’ll be headed to the Senate for one and a half terms, when don’t you know it the 2016 presidential elections will roll around. Then watch and wait for the words “President Kennedy” to be mouthed again.

Lord knows, a Williams or a Jablonsky or any of the other last names held by some 300 million other Americans just aren’t right. There are times, royal times, darling, when only a Kennedy will do.

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